Appellate lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in the highest levels of Georgia courts. This expertise enables them to resolve complex legal issues more effectively.

An appeals lawyer reviews a trial transcript and other evidence to identify errors that may have occurred during the court trial process. They then craft compelling arguments for the appeals court to review.

Appeals of Convictions or Sentences

Many people convicted of criminal acts have valid reasons to appeal their conviction or sentence. Appeals are submitted to a higher court for review, and the successful outcome of an appeal can have far-reaching implications.

Generally, one of the most common grounds for an appeal is that there was insufficient evidence to support your conviction. Other potential grounds for an appeal include prosecutorial or juror misconduct and errors during the trial itself.

An appeals lawyer can identify the most important arguments and frame them in a compelling way for the appellate judges. An inexperienced attorney who builds their case on the fly could leave you at a significant disadvantage.

Our lawyers have a solid record of success in the Georgia courts, including the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. We understand the complex legal issues involved in criminal and civil appeals, and we are dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of our clients. This is why we carefully consider our chances of winning a reversal before committing to an appeal.

Appeals of Criminal Decisions

In a criminal appeal, an attorney could help you reverse the verdict of a court in your case and send your case back to the original trial judge for a new trial. With limited exceptions, the reversal of your conviction can be based on errors that are alleged in the trial proceedings, such as rulings by a judge regarding evidence or jury instructions.

A successful appeal depends upon deconstructing the original trial and identifying any opportunities through which your conviction might be overturned. An experienced Georgia appellate lawyers understands how to present these issues in the proper manner to an appeals court.

As a seasoned appeals lawyer, Ben has briefed and argued numerous cases in the state appellate courts and federal circuit court. He has proven expertise in winning high-stakes appeals, including ones that have overturned murder verdicts and reshaped state constitutional law. His extensive background in family law provides a unique skill set that allows him to effectively present your case for or against an appeal.

Appeals of Civil Decisions

A Georgia appellate lawyer can help you win your case if the prosecution introduced evidence or the judge made other errors during trial that affected the jury’s decision. Using their knowledge of the law and the court’s rules, they can identify these errors and present them to the proper appeals courts for review.

The General Litigation Division handles a wide variety of cases for the State, including civil rights lawsuits and tort actions. It also represents State agencies in matters involving elections, ethics, social services and employment.

In one high-profile case, a Georgia appellate lawyer successfully represented Farley Industries in a landmark dissenters’ rights case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Georgia. In another, he successfully argued for the reversal of a death sentence on a cold-case murder case. The results of these arguments have changed lives. They have also reshaped state constitutional law. The legal community recognizes the skill Scott brings to high-stakes appeals.

Appeals of Administrative Decisions

Whether in state or federal court, our law firm handles appeals from any administrative decision involving your business or individual rights. We have successfully challenged the denial of arbitration awards, reversal of a trial court’s ruling on a landlord-tenant dispute, and the dismissal of a business tort claim.

Attorneys in the General Litigation Division handle cases involving civil rights, torts and workers’ compensation claims, as well as litigation on behalf of the State in matters involving elections, ethics, public records and open meetings. The division also provides defense counsel for the Georgia Department of Community Health, the Board of Regents and the state’s retirement systems.

The Supreme Court of Georgia has the ultimate say in all cases in the state. It is mandated to review cases involving the death penalty and to answer questions certified to it by the Court of Appeals or federal courts seeking clarification of Georgia law. The court hears approximately 2,000 cases each term.