It is an exciting new venture capital fund founded by the team at Material Bank, a leading global provider of research and investment services for the venture capital industry. The fund is focused on investing in early-stage technology companies that are positioned to make a material impact on the world. 

The Origin of Material Bank 

It is a story of success and innovation. Founded in 2017 by Steve Feldman and Danny Forbes, the two entrepreneurs set out to revolutionize the way architecture and design professionals sourced materials. With a mission to make material sourcing faster, simpler, and more efficient, they launched Material Bank 100M Series Catalystfeldmanforbes. The series offered access to over 100 million materials from over 10,000 suppliers, making it the largest library of materials in the world. Material Bank was designed to make the entire process of sourcing materials more efficient, from discovery to delivery. The platform allowed architects and designers to search for materials quickly and easily, compare prices, and access samples. It also allowed them to contact suppliers directly and make purchases whenever needed. Material Bank’s breakthrough technology and user-friendly interface allowed professionals to save time and money and allowed them to find the perfect material for their projects. With its success, Material Bank has become the go-to resource for material sourcing. This success has enabled the company to expand its offerings to include virtual reality services, 3D printing, and more. The company continues its mission to simplify material sourcing and provide the best possible experience for its users.

Overview of the 100M Series Investment 

It is an investment fund designed to foster the growth and development of early-stage technology companies. The fund is structured as a series of investments in which venture capital firms, family offices, and other investors can invest to provide early-stage capital to companies in the technology space. The fund is managed by Catalystfeldmanforbes, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies. The fund has a targeted size of $100 million and is designed to be a long-term, supportive investor in early-stage companies. It seeks to provide capital to companies at the earliest stages of their development and to foster their growth by providing the resources and support necessary to help them succeed. The fund will focus on investments in technology companies in the software, hardware, and services sectors, with a particular emphasis on companies in the software and services space. The fund will seek to invest in companies that are creating innovative products and services and have a strong potential for growth. Additionally, Catalystfeldmanforbes will seek to provide mentorship and support to the companies in which it invests, helping them to develop their products, services, and market presence. The fund is a unique opportunity for investors to gain exposure to early-stage technology companies and to benefit from their growth.

Benefits of the Catalyst / Feldman / Forbes Partnership 

The partnership between Catalyst, Feldman, and Forbes is a powerful example of how powerful collaborations can be. Through this partnership, Catalyst, Feldman, and Forbes have been able to leverage their collective resources and expertise to create a platform that will help to drive innovation for the financial services industry. This platform, dubbed “Material Bank 100M Series Catalystfeldmanforbes,” has been designed to help financial services firms access the latest technologies and insights from the world’s leading experts. The platform offers a wide range of benefits, including the ability for firms to access cutting-edge research, data, and insights, as well as access to the latest developments in financial technology. Additionally, the platform provides access to a variety of tools and resources to help firms stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions. With the help of Catalyst, Feldman, and Forbes, financial services firms have access to the latest information and trends, as well as the ability to gain insights through advanced analytics. By leveraging their collective resources and expertise, this partnership has been able to create a powerful platform that can help to drive innovation and growth in the financial services industry.

How Material Bank Will Use the Investment 

The new investment of $100 million in Material Bank by Catalystfeldmanforbes will help the company to scale their operations and increase its reach in the market. Material Bank is a digital marketplace that helps connect designers, architects, and other creatives with materials, products, and services from leading suppliers in the industry. The investment will also help the company to expand its library of materials, products, and services, as well as provide access to more suppliers. It will also provide them with the capital needed to invest in new technologies and features that will make the platform more user-friendly and efficient. With this investment, Material Bank will be able to provide their users with a broader selection of products and services, as well as better support for their customers. This will help them to become the go-to platform for finding the best materials, products, and services in the industry.


It is a revolutionary investment platform that provides investors with access to the most exciting new startups and cutting-edge technology. With a wide array of investable assets, Material Bank 100M Series Catalystfeldmanforbes is a great choice for investors who are looking for higher returns and more diversification in their portfolio. The platform’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface make it easy to navigate and make the most of your investments. With the platform, investors can access a wide range of opportunities, from early-stage startups to late-stage venture capital investments. Additionally, the platform’s comprehensive set of tools, data-driven analytics, and insights make it easy for investors to identify the best investments for their needs. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Material Bank 100M Series Catalystfeldmanforbes is a great way to get the most out of your investments.